On 3-4 December 2007 Olga Solovieva performed (with violinist Marina Dichenko) Violin Sonata by Vissarion Shebalin. The performances took place at the Moscow Conservatory (Miaskovsky Hall) and at the Russian Academy of Music (Great Hall), to commemorate 105th anniversary of Shebalin, Russian outstanding composer and person. 

In November 2007 Olga Solovieva in ensemble with violinist Sergey Kostylev performed the works for violin and piano by Beethoven, Paganini and Wieniawski. The concerts took place in Fryazino (Moscow Region) and in ancient Russian city Alexandrov (Tsvetaeva Museum). 

The front cover of the magazie "Nieuwe Vlaamse Muzie Revue"
The front cover of the magazie "Nieuwe Vlaamse Muzie Revue"

In March 2007 Olga Solovieva participated at the 15th International Russian Chamber Music Festival in Ghent, Belgium (De Rode Pomp Hall).
With the violinist Marina Dichenko she performed the works of Medtner, Miaskovsky, Boris Tchaikovsky, Shebalin, and Galynin (the concert was titled "Hommage to Herman Galynin").
Olga and Marina
also played the same programme at Gnessins Musical College, Moscow.





"The Way of Beauty of Alexey Stanchinsky"

Olga Solovieva participated in the musical event "The Way of Beauty of Alexey Stanchinsky". It took place at the Glinka House-Museum (Glinka's birth place) at Novospasskoe (Smolensk Region).


Ольга Соловьева приняла участие в празднике "Путь красоты Алексея Станчинского" (Новоспасское, Смоленская область).

См. подробнее: репортаж на сайте Смоленского Музея-заповедника, обзор О. Сурковой ("Смоленская газета").







Nomination to International Classical Music Awards

The CD with the music of Boris Tchaikovsky, recorded by Christopher Marwood, Haik Kazazyan and Olga Solovieva, is nominated to the 2019 International Classical Music Awards (ICMA).