"The Way of Beauty of Alexey Stanchinsky"

Olga Solovieva participated in the musical event "The Way of Beauty of Alexey Stanchinsky". It took place at the Glinka House-Museum (Glinka's birth place) at Novospasskoe (Smolensk Region).


Ольга Соловьева приняла участие в празднике "Путь красоты Алексея Станчинского" (Новоспасское, Смоленская область).

См. подробнее: репортаж на сайте Смоленского Музея-заповедника, обзор О. Сурковой ("Смоленская газета").







Participation at the concert to the memory of Andrey Khitruk

September 18 - Gnessins College (Moscow, Russia):

On the 18th of September Olga Solovieva participated at the concert to the memory of Andrey Khitruk [1944-2019] (her piano teacher when she studied at the Gnessins College), where she performed the Esquisses by Alexey Stanchinsky.





Concert on Nikolina Gora

August 16 - Nikolina Gora (Russia):

On 16th of August Olga Solovieva played a recital at the old country-side village Nikolina Gora (Moscow Region), famous for their summer-houses (dacha) where lived such great composers as Nikolay Miaskovsky, Sergey Prokofiev, Vissarion Shebalin. 

The concert programme included the songs Nikolay Myaskovsky (with soprano Elizaveta Pakhomova), and the piano pieces by Alexey Stanchinsky.